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Article: Tech of the Month: Meet Jamie-Leigh

Tech of the Month: Meet Jamie-Leigh

Our February Tech of the Month is the lovely Jamie-Leigh from Call of Beauty. We have been following Jamie-Leigh for some time now and love watching her work. From Lip Blush to Ombre Brows she is absolutely smashing it so, we thought she was this months deserving winner of TOTM. 

Carry on reading to learn more about her SPMU journey. 

When did you first enter the beauty industry?

I first entered the beauty industry in November 2019 starting with Brow Lamination and then ventured into SPMU in August 2020! 

Why did you decide to train in SPMU? 

I’ve always been obsessed with Brows from a young age, to the point where I would spend 30 minutes alone when I was younger drawing mine on every morning! (I don’t do this now thank god) but I appreciate how powerful eyebrows are, so being able to create long lasting brows for others is just the best feeling ever! 

What is your favourite procedure to perform?

I really do love creating ombré brows! The ombré fades on the fronts give me sooo much satisfaction during and after the procedure! I also get excited to see them once healed too! I do also really enjoy doing lip blush as well, I find it so therapeutic working in the zone with some music on in the background… is that weird? Lol

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 

In 5 years time my aim is to continue growing my clinic and offer more permanent make up treatments. I would also love to have a bigger premises as well to I can carry on building up my training academy. 

What is your signature technique? 

I don’t have a signature technique really but I love to offer a full coverage lip blush. 

Who did you train with?

My first SPMU brow course was with Summer from Etch Cosmetics in August 2020, it was such an amazing experience! I just remember feeling petrified of SPMU back then but I love it so much now! 

What is your favourite Cosmedic Supplies machine and needle? 

I use the Lite Pad by Cosmedic supplies and always rely on the 0.25 1RL needle for my outline for brows and lips and then use a 0.25 3RL for shading 


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