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Article: Tech of the Month: Meet Becky

Tech of the Month: Meet Becky

Our January 2022 Tech of the Month is the lovely Becky from Define Cheadle. We think Becky is an incredible tech and her results just keep getting better!

Read our interview with Becky to learn about her SPMU journey so far.

When did you first enter the beauty industry?
I first entered the beauty industry in 2010. I worked as a makeup artist for 8 years. I also trained in skincare and facials in 2013. I’ve always had a passion for all things beauty and experimented very early on with different looks as a way of expressing myself. I'd spend hours seeing what colours suited different skin tones, eye colours etc. I think this has which helped me so much in my job today. I love nothing more than helping my clients feel their most beautiful and confident selves. 
Why did you decide to train in SPMU?
When I came across semi permanent makeup I became obsessed straight away. Eyebrows were always my favourite part of doing makeup, I just loved the way they elevated a clients entire look. To be able to give that to my clients on a more permanent basis was just incredible to me. I knew I’d have serious regrets if I didn’t do it.
What is your favourite procedure to perform?
My favourite procedure has to be the combination brow. I love how sparse or missing eyebrows can be restored using a combination of two techniques, from a soft gradient natural enhancement to a more elegant defined look.  
Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years time I hope to be able to pass on the knowledge i've learned along the way to others by training in my clinic. (Along with still doing SPMU of course)

What is your signature technique called?

My signature technique is called the Define Combi, Which is more of a makeup style combination brow. 

Who did you train with?

I trained with Blades academy. I’ve also completed online classes, Including Tina Davis. I’m also always on the lookout for GgBrows webinars. 
What is your favourite Cosmedic Supplies machine and needle?
My favourite machine is the Lite pad. I use the 1r 0.25 needles for the outline as it gives the most precise results along with 3rl 0.25 for shading. I also love the Etch blades and the Cosmedic Supplies 18 flat u blade, 0.18mm.

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