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Article: Tech of the Month: Meet Abiee

Tech of the Month: Meet Abiee


Our December 2020 Tech of the Month is the lovely Abiee from Velour Cosmetics, Tamworth. We think Abiee is an incredible tech and her results just keep getting better!

Read our interview with Abiee to learn about her SPMU journey so far.

When did you first enter the beauty industry?

I first entered the beauty industry in December 2018.

Why did you decide to train in SPMU?

I decided to train in semi-permanent make up after falling out of love with my last job. Before I became an SPMU tech, I was a marketing and design manager and then a freelance graphic designer. Whilst these jobs gave me satisfaction for several years, in 2018 I decided it was time for me to switch careers.  

I have always been interested in the beauty industry and had previously considered training as a makeup artist, or tattooist. Then I found SPMU, a perfect combination of these two trades.  SPMU completely encapsulates everything I love: beauty, tattooing, design and perfectionism.

Completing my training course was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Creating beautiful brows feels like second nature to me now; this industry is 100% where I belong!

C4AC5048-046D-42DD-B43C-C1CD793732EA 2.JPG

What is your favourite procedure to perform?

My favourite procedure to perform is the Combination Brow. This style of brow allows my clients to benefit from the natural, feathery look created by microblading and the depth and fullness achieved by machine shading.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I would love to own my own beauty salon (maybe even several in different parts of the country!). I am also interested in eventually becoming a trainer and releasing my own product range.

I have so many goals I would like to achieve in the future. With my job, the sky is the limit!

What is your signature technique called?

Whilst I do not have a definitive ‘signature technique’, the Combination Brow is my most popular treatment.

Currently, I am using the Combination Brow technique for 90% of my procedures. However, I have been receiving more requests for Ombre Brows recently, a style that I am working to perfect.  

93752527-0A05-40D3-B00A-69D24334E1A4 2.JPG

What is your favourite Cosmedic Supplies machine and needle?

My favourite machine is the Lite Pad. It is so easy to use and the lightweight handpiece allows me to create amazing results, every time. My favourite needle is the 3rl.025 as it is so versatile. However, the 5RS is amazing for creating a soft, powdery look and the 1rl is essential for creating a perfect outline.

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