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Article: Mapping and Pre Drawing for Eyebrows

Mapping and Pre Drawing for Eyebrows

What is Mapping and Pre Drawing?

Mapping and pre-drawing are two of the most important factors in creating the perfect pair of Ombre Brows. Mapping is a process that allows brow technicians to mark the beginning, middle and end points of the brow.

Whilst mapping ensures total symmetry, pre-drawing is the process whereby a practitioner will draw on and fill the brow before using permanent pigment. This allows the client to see what their brows will look like post-procedure. It also creates a strong outline for the practitioner to follow throughout the micropigmentation process.

Whether a technician is seeing a new client or performing a top-up procedure, mapping and pre-drawing remain two of the most important processes of any micropigmentation treatment.

This blog post will outline how to map the perfect pair of brows and teach you how to create an effective pre-draw. Read on to find out more!


Step 1 - Consultation and Numbing 

When a client arrives for their procedure, apply a topical numbing cream to the area. Whilst they numb for the allotted 20-30 minutes, take this opportunity to answer any immediate questions they may have regarding the procedure.

This time should also be used to discuss exactly what style and shape the client is hoping to achieve. Refer them to previous work, ask them to show you inspo pics and thoroughly review their medical and consent forms.

By the end of the consultation, you should have a clear idea of your clients’ needs and desires. Your clients’ expectations should be managed effectively, and they should be aware of what can realistically be achieved during the session.

Step 2 - Clean and Sterilise the Area 

Once your client is numb, wipe away the cream and clean the area with a makeup remover to get rid of any excess oil and/or dirt. Clean skin will ensure that your pre-draw markers and concealers will glide effortlessly onto the area.  

After cleaning the skin, take time to clean and sterilise your pre-draw tools. If using a brow pencil, thoroughly sharpen it with a sterilised scalpel. Any pre-draw brushes must be disinfected with a purifying brush cleaner. Always clean any pre-draw tools with a high-alcohol percentage sanitiser.

Step 3 - Start Pre-Drawing and Mapping 

Once you feel as if you have a thorough understanding of your clients’ needs and desires, it is time to start your pre-draw.

Firstly, with your client sitting up, very roughly draw the new shape of the brow. After you have established the general outline of both brows, lie your client down and pluck any unwanted hairs from outside of the mapped area.

Next, place a head ruler in the centre of your clients’ forehead. This will allow you to measure where the bulb, arch and tail of the new brow will sit.

When you have determined the shape of one brow, check with the client that they are happy with the markings. If they are satisfied with the shape, use the same measurements to map the other brow. Use either a pencil or marker to create the outline.  

Once all points of the brow have been mapped, use a pencil to fill in the body of the brow. Use a highlighter brush to blend.

After the brows have been filled, use a brush and concealer to carve out the brows. This will give you a clear, crisp outline to follow throughout the entire procedure. Be generous with the concealer to ensure that the outline remains as clear as possible.

Finally, once your client has approved their new brows, apply a new head ruler to check all measurements are totally symmetrical.

Step 4 - Time to Start Your Procedure

After triple checking with your client that they are happy with their brow shape, it is time to start the micropigmentation procedure. With a clear and bold pre-draw, tracing the outline of your perfect brow will be easy. Be careful not to smudge the design as you could lose your place.

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