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Article: Tech of the Month: Meet Abigail -

Tech of the Month: Meet Abigail -

Introducing Abigail from
Her combination brows and passion to learn have impressed us all at CS this month and so we all believe this is well deserved. ⁠
Abigail is constantly building on her knowledge and we are excited to watch her thrive. 

When did you first enter the beauty industry? 

I first entered the beauty industry in 2018, straight from School. I have always adored making people look and feel beautiful and most importantly - confident. I studied my Level 2 & 3 Beauty Therapy and have done in depth skin training, as I wanted an amazing foundation of knowledge, before embarking on my SPMU journey.

Why did you decide to train in SPMU?

Semipermanent make up is not like any other beauty treatments, if a client has their lashes done then walk out of the clinic pleased, however it is a very short term result. With SPMU, we can help our clients to have beautiful brows 365 days a year!
Most clients describe their results as life changing, and to me that is the most amazing feeling!! I had seen such a buzz online throughout the  industry, and knew immediately that SPMU was where my passion lay. I have  now trained in Microblading, Combination and Ombré Brows.

What is your favourite procedure to perform?

My favourite treatment to perform is definitely Microblading or Combination Brows for clients with alopecia. To be able to help someone who is suffering with a condition which can really knock the confidence - and make them feel beautiful 24 hours a day, is the most rewarding experience! (There are normally a few happy tears too)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I have recently opened my own Clinic, I absolutely adore it! It has been a goal of mine ever since I started my business.
In 5 years time I hope to have upsized our Clinic, giving me the opportunity to build a team of beauty bosses, and add training courses alongside my treatments - so I can share my skills and knowledge with others!

What is your signature technique called?

My signature technique is the Combination Brow (with machine shading). It provides the most beautiful results, works for almost all skin types, and allows me to create a whole range of effects - from the most natural brow results, to a gorgeous makeup effect brow with ombré shading through the strokes. However, I do not have a set brow look or stroke pattern that I use on my clients. Each set of brows I create is tailored to the individual client, so the stroke pattern is bespoke!!

Who did you train with?

I initially trained at an academy called Unique Contour in 2019, and have done various masterclasses since then, including a Tina Davies Ombré Brow course. I love learning so I have poured through every single CS handbook available, picking up any hints and tips I can, as I feel there is always room for improvement! I’m desperate to train with the amazing GG Brows in the future.

What is your favourite Cosmedic Supplies machine and needle?

I absolutely adore the Lite Pad with the 1R - 0.3 needle, I pair this with the 18U blade complete hand tool Microblade, to create my signature style Combination Brows.
These tools yield beautiful results every time, and allow me to create a gorgeous bespoke result for every client.

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