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Article: Elite Tech: Meet Leeangel - @fleekangelbrows

Elite Tech: Meet Leeangel - @fleekangelbrows

Why do you use Cosmedic Supplies products? 
I first became familiar with the Cosmedic Supplies brand from following @ggbrowsuk and her work speaks for itself - if she was producing results that good with the machine I was sold. Also, after attending the @browdaddy Masterclass many people who also attended used and recommended the machine and I am so glad I bought it! Have loved it!

Machine used and favourite needle? 
I use the Pro Pad for all my work. 1rl 0.4 or 0.3 for the Ombre, I find this distributes perfectly. 1rl 0.25 for Ombre can be too abrasive on some people’s skin and prefer a slightly thicker needle for the ombre. But for the Hairstrokes I use the 1rl 0.25.

Advice for tech just starting out? 
Firstly, choose a course from an artist’s work that you love. Do not choose a course because its cheap or short. It should always be at least 4-5 days of intensive training. Once you are qualified, PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND THEN PRACTICE SOME MORE! It’s all about confidence and knowing that you're capable of working on a client. If you are confident in your technique and artistry, then you are good to go. There is no rush so make sure you are ready, before carrying out treatments on clients! 

How long have you been in the industry?
I did my first course in March 2017 which was just Microblading then the following year I done my Machine SPMU Course. Then have done many Masterclasses etc to expand on my SPMU knowledge. 

What age did you enter the PMU industry? 
I was 20 years young. I do really wish I went straight into the SPMU industry. Once I left school, I went to Fashion College and studied Fashion Design which I loved but in my second took an interest in SPMU from following some artists on Instagram. After that my love grew for it and I knew it was the right path for me to take.

Whats your goal for this year?
Well, this year so far, I think has been a shock for everyone because of the Corona virus the world has come to a halt. Luckily this has worked in my favour as I have been able to complete my Level 3 Award Education & Training course in 1 month which I was planning to do the end of the year. So, this means I’m ahead of the goal I set for myself already and am planning to start teaching beginners in the next couple of months!!!!

Why did you choose the name Fleek Angel for your business? 
So, I think choosing an appropriate business name is very hard! I was thinking for months and months leading up to my first course. Then one night when I was trying to sleep my Business name and design came into my head and I quickly sketched it out. It was a time when ‘Brows on Fleek’ was something everyone would say. And my first name being Leeangel, I realised my name could fit within the Fleek, creating Fleekangel.

Who's your biggest inspiration in life and in the industry? 
Brow Daddy allllllllllllllllll day errrrrrrrrrryday! I have always been amazed at his standard of work and signature Brows but after attending his Masterclass he exceeded my expectations and is the purest, kindest soul I’ve ever met. He deserves everything he has achieved and more.

Where are you based? 
My shop is based in Benfleet Essex, I currently have a cute little unit but have plans to expand once I start teaching!

What's your fave pigment range?
I love Permablend. The retention in the Permablend range is unreal! I prefer Permablend for the Darker Browns. Brunette, Fudge and darkest Brown are my favourites! For my blonde or older clients that are scared of anything too bold I love the Tina Davies Permablend range. Ash Brown and Medium Brown are my faves! 

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