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Article: Tech of the Month - Meet Cerise - @bespoke_brows_and_lashes

Tech of the Month - Meet Cerise - @bespoke_brows_and_lashes

Introducing Cerise, @bespoke_brows_and_lashes_. Cerise first entered the beauty industry 5 years ago, after training with FleekAngel. We love her work and cannot wait to see what the next 5 years has to offer for her. Read below for more on Cerise's SMPU journey. 

1) When did you first enter the beauty industry?

I first entered the beauty industry 5 years ago. It initially started as a hobby and I ended up getting really busy.

2) Why did you decide to train in SPMU?

I decided to train in SPMU because I’m obsessed with brows and how they transform your face. I continued to see clients that have troublesome brows and needed more than a normal brow treatment. Thats when i decided that Semi Permanent brows was this would be perfect. Seeing clients happy with the end transformation is the best feeling ever. Now I offer SPMU I feel I can offer whatever result the client is looking for. Having a range of treatments like this allows me to offer clients the most suitable treatment for them.

3) What is your favourite procedure to perform?

My favourite procedure to perform has to be Powder Brows. I love how crisp they look, the end result is amazing. 

4) Where do you see yourself in five years time?

In 5 years I hope to own my own house and salon. I also hope to have more Semi Permanent Make Up knowledge by taking more courses. I would love to be able to offer more techniques and styles. As well as this, I would love to start to offer correction services and maybe removal services. I think this would allow me to continue to help every client feel confident and never hear a “I hate my brows” again.

5) What is your signature technique called?

My signature technique is called the Bespoke Combo Brow.

6) Who did you train with?

I trained with Fleekangel in Essex. She is one of the Cosmedic Supplies Elite Tehcs.

7) What is your favourite Cosmedic Supplies machine and needle?

My favourite Cosmedic Supplies machine and needle is The Lite Pad used with a 1RL 0.3 and 3RL0.25. I love using these to create my Bespoke Combination Brows and all other SPMU treatments. These products together allow me to create the crispest results. 

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