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Article: Highest quality microblading products

Highest quality microblading products

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing. Whilst traditional tattoo techniques utilise a machine which deposits ink into the skin through a needle, however, microblading uses a blade-shaped scalpel to make small, hairlike incisions in the skin. These strokes are then filled in with a coloured pigment to produce natural-looking results that can last for up to eighteen months.

Due to the increased popularity of semi-permanent makeup, many beauticians have started to offer microblading as part of their services. However, microblading is an intricate, and sometimes complicated, procedure. Therefore, it is very important that all technicians are equipped with the highest-standard products that will enable them to carry out these procedures safely and effectively.

At Cosmedic Supplies, we pride ourselves on selling the best quality microblading products available on the market today. Read on to find out about our favourite products, guaranteed to help you produce the most stunning results.

Microblading supplies: Hygiene.

First things first, before any beauty procedure is carried out, it is imperative that all technicians ensure their workstation and uniform is protected by the best-quality and most sterile safety equipment. As microblading involves making breaking the skin with a blade, it is very important to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and infection by ensuring the below equipment is present all at times.


Gloves must be worn throughout the entire procedure. Technicians should opt for latex-free gloves to avoid any problematic skin reactions. Safety gloves can be purchased in a range of different sizes to ensure the most comfortable fit. They can also be disposed of after every treatment to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and ensure the highest hygiene standards are adhered to.

Personal protective wear: facemasks, hairnets and aprons

Face masks must be worn throughout every microblading procedure to avoid the spread of infection between technician and client.

Hairnets can be worn by clients to prevent infection or cross-contamination. These should be disposed of after every treatment.  

Aprons should be worn by technicians to protect their clothing and avoid the spread of infection or cross-containment between clients. These can also be disposed of after every treatment.


Every practitioner should clean their workstation with medical-grade disinfection before and after a microblading procedure. This will ensure the treatment area reaches the highest government and insurance requirements designed to reduce any risk of illness.

Barrier film

Barrier film can be used to create an infection barrier between the client, the technician, and their equipment. It also makes cleaning and disinfecting between each procedure easier. Barrier film can be used to protect the microblading machine, the treatment bed, equipment trays, tables and more. It can also be applied to the brow area to promote pigment retention.

Alcohol swap wipes

Anti-bacterial wipes and/or solutions are essential for cleaning and preparing the skin before the treatment itself can begin.

Brow Soap

Our favourite cleaning solution is brow soap. It is gentle on the skin and ensures that any excess dirt is removed from the area pre-procedure.

Pre-draw tools.

Once everything is in place to promote a clean and sterile work environment, the microblading technician can begin the pre-draw process. Pre-drawing helps to create an easy-to-follow outline of the desired brow shape.

Below we have listed our favourite pre-draw products, essential for any microblading artist’s toolbox.

Mapping tool

Before the artist can deposit any ink into the skin, they must first map out the shape and style of the client’s eyebrow. This allows the client to get a sense of how their brows will look post-procedure and provides the technician with a clear template to follow throughout the treatment.

At Cosmedic Supplies, we stock a range of premium mapping tools designed to make the entire microblading process as easy and effective as possible. These include:

  • Mapping string which can be used to map out perfect brow symmetry prior to any procedure.
  • Brow rulers which can be used to enhance eyebrow symmetry and map out a well-proportioned arch.
  • Eyebrow calipers which are helpful for measuring out the entire brow area.


Brow pencils and skin markers

Eyebrow pencils and highlighters can be used in conjunction with mapping tools to help create the most symmetrical results. They can also be used to fill in any gaps or sparse areas that the technician can trace during the procedure.

Once the technician has drawn on the desired shape and size of the brow using their pre-draw pencils, the client can assess the results and highlight any changes they would like to make.

At Cosmedic Supplies, we stock the Buff Browz pre-draw range. These products are perfect for carving out the brow before any microblading procedure. We have noted our favourite products below.

  • The Bare Necessities pallet. Complete with six different shades, this pallet can be used to carve the brow out from the skin to make the mapping process easier.
  • The Basic Brush collection: Featuring four brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes, the Basic Brush collection can be used to aid the pre-drawing process for all semi-permanent makeup, brow maintenance and makeup artists.
  • The Glow Up collection: These highlighter pencils can be used to sharpen the brow shape pre-procedure and enhance results post-procedure.

Microblading Tools

After the artist has mapped out the desired shape and size of the brow, and the client has confirmed that they are happy, the microblading process itself can begin.


One of the most important pieces of equipment is the microblade itself. These blades are used to deposit pigment into the skin which gradually build ups to create natural-looking results.

Technicians should choose their blades based on personal training and preference, the style they are hoping to achieve as well as the client’s skin type.

At Cosmedic Supplies, we have a comprehensive range of different microblades to suit every technician. Visit our shop now to learn more!


The microblading pen or handtool is what the blades themselves slot into. Dependant on the type of microblade, some come attached to a handheld device already. However, some are sold individually and need to be inserted into a separate piece of equipment.

A soft pen handle with good grip is essential for any microblading artist. Not only does this promote comfortability but enhances the technician’s ability to create the sharpest, most precise results. Our sterilized single-use handtool is perfect for supporting cleanliness and ensuring excellent results.


Pigment ink is deposited into the skin through the microblade to create hairstrokes. The colour of the ink depends on the client’s individual skin tone and should be chosen to match their natural skin complexion and hair colour.

When a technician is choosing a pigment shade for their client, they must prioritise inks that are fully tested, come well-recommended, heal true to colour and have real lasting power.

Microblading artists must also have detailed knowledge of colour theory. Understanding the theory behind pigment choice will help technicians to choose a shade that works with their client’s skin tone to create the best possible results.

Pigment ring

Once a technician has mixed the perfect pigment shade for their client, they can deposit the ink into a wearable pigment ring. These rings are designed to allow artists to work quickly and efficiently. They also reduce the amount of mess generated and cut down on the potential time spent topping up the blade throughout the procedure.


Spoolies are the perfect tool for grooming the brows pre- and post-treatment. They are small, mascara-like wands that can be used to brush the brows into shape and help to create a clear and easy to follow outline throughout.

They are also brilliant for styling the brows after a microblading session to enhance that “just-fluffed” look.


When a technician has finished the microblading treatment, they must clean the brow area to remove any harmful bacteria or excess pigment and to allow the final results to shine through. A foaming cleanser is perfect as it gentle on the skin and helps to remove any redness caused by the microbladed incisions. We love the Shay Danielle Ink Wash or the Hustle Bubbles Antimicrobial Foam.

Aftercare gel

As microblading involves continually breaking the skin, it is imperative that technicians provide their clients with an effective and easy-to-follow aftercare plan. One of the most important elements of an aftercare routine is applying a soothing gel to the area to encourage a healthy healing process and boost long-term colour retention.

At Cosmedic Supplies, our favourite aftercare ointment is Hydragel, a super lightweight aloe-vera based jelly that helps to repair and hydrate the skin after tattooing, prevent infection, reduce inflammation and ease the itching sensation that occurs during the scabbing stage.


So there you have it! Our favourite microblading supplies, essential for any artist looking to create the most outstanding results. Visit our shop today to start building your microblading toolkit.


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