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Article: Everything you need to know about micropigmentation.

Everything you need to know about micropigmentation.

Migropigmentation is a form of semi-permanent makeup (SPMU), a term used to describe aesthetic treatments designed to mimic the effects of everyday makeup techniques. Unlike ordinary makeup, SPMU involves injecting long-lasting pigment into the skin. This means clients can enjoy the benefits of makeup application from the moment they wake up until the minute they go to sleep.

The phrase ‘semi-permanent makeup’ is an umbrella term that covers a variety of aesthetic techniques. From nanoblading to microblading, hair strokes to micropigmentation, semi-permanent makeup can be achieved by a whole plethora of different artistic procedures.

This article is interested in exploring micropigmentation, an SPMU process that utilities lots of little dots of tattoo pigment to achieve soft, natural-looking results.  

What is micropigmentation?

The main difference between micropigmentation and other semi-permanent makeup techniques is the way in which the ink is injected into the skin. Whilst other SPMU processes use fine lines or hair strokes to create the appearance of makeup, micropigmentation uses lots of little pigment dots to create the desired effect. Like traditional tattooing, these little dots gradually build up to create softer, more natural-looking results.

What to expect from a micropigmentation procedure.

The first step of any micropigmentation procedure is the consultation. This is an in-depth discussion between the client and practitioner, designed to establish which results are hoped to be achieved by the end of the session. The consultation also allows the client to inform the practitioner of any pre-existing medical conditions.  

When both the practitioner and client are confident that they understand the aims and technicalities of the treatment, the practical micropigmentation process can begin.

Some technicians may apply a topical numbing cream to the treated area to make their clients feel more comfortable. However, this is not always necessary, and application will depend on the individual client and technician.

During the procedure itself, the technician will inject a small amount of ink pigment into the client’s skin using a small, thin needle. This pigment will settle in the second layer of skin (the dermal layer) so that the effects of the treatment last for a prolonged period.

Each micropigmentation procedure, and what area of the body is being treated, will require a different artistic method to achieve the desired effect. However, the aim of the procedure generally remains the same: to achieve the subtle, natural-looking, and long-lasting enhancement of a specific feature.

What part of the body can undergo a micropigmentation procedure?

Micropigmentation procedures can be performed on most areas of the face and body. However, there are certain areas that are more likely to be treated than others. We have highlighted the most popular micropigmentation treatments below.  


Eyebrow micropigmentation is one of the most popular semi-permanent procedures performed today. The treatment eliminates the amount of time and effort involved in creating the perfect pair of brows.

Eyebrow micropigmentation is achieved by injecting lots of little dots of pigment into the area that gradually build up to create a natural-looking, shaded effect.

Micropigmentation eyebrows suit most skin types, last for up to ten years and require almost zero maintenance.


Many semi-permanent makeup artists offer eyeliner micropigmenation, a treatment that mimics the look of everyday eyeliner or liquid gel. The aim of the procedure is to eliminate the hassle associated with eyeliner application and to add prolonged definition to the eye area.

The appearance of semi-permanent eyeliner will differ according to each individual client’s needs. Some may desire a subtle line of pigment along the lash line to achieve a natural enhancement of the area. Others may request a thicker line of ink to be injected on top of the eyelid to create a more dramatic effect.


Thousands of men and women around the world suffer from varying degrees of hair loss. There are several treatments designed to counter the problems caused by hair loss, including scalp micropigmentation.

Scalp micropigmentation is one of the most popular, and effective, techniques for creating the appearance of a thicker head of hair. This procedure is non-invasive and combines the use of specific tools (needles, machines, and pigment) with artistic methods to create the appearance of natural hair follicles.

A scalp micropigmentation procedure can benefit both men and women suffering with varying degrees of hair loss, patchiness, or hair thinning. 


Micropigmentation techniques can also be used to recreate the appearance of a nipple for those who have experienced severe scarring after a mastectomy or breast reconstruction surgery, or those who have had their nipple removed altogether for surgical requirements.

During an areola repigmentation procedure, the artist will create a bespoke pigment colour to suit the clients exact skin colour before ‘drawing on’ the nipple, shading and adding definition to the area using a micropigmentation machine.

Aftercare for micropigmentation results.

To ensure the longevity of micropigmentation results, clients must follow a structured aftercare regime. The general advice given to clients following a micropigmentation procedure is listed below:

  • Avoid excessive exposure to heat, water, and UV rays for at least twenty-eight days post procedure.
  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for at least twenty-eight days following a micropigmentation treatment.
  • Always apply good quality and high factor SPF cream to the area when exposing the treated area to UV rays.
  • Moisturize the area regularly to reduce any removal of pigment due to dry or flaking skin.

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